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Wind Power Forecasting

National aggregate or per site forecasting free trials available

We specialise in wind power forecasts from per site to an aggregate national level. We can build dedicated per site models utilising advanced calibration techniques allowing us to optimise our forecasts for multiple lead times. Whether you are an asset owner, system operator or trader we can build a highly competitive forecast in both accuracy and price.

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wind power forecast

GB Embedded Wind Forecast & Outturn

Our GB embedded wind forecast and outturn utilise novel techniques to determine an market leading accurate forecast. To minimise forecast error, an accurate outturn must be estimated. We calculate our own outturn figure that leverages more sophisticated estimation techniques than that utilised in the calculations that create the public figure on the BMRS. This allows us to develop a forecast more accurately which is then fed into our GB demand forecast alongside our embedded PV forecast.

Our embedded wind forecast is included in our dashboard package but we offer these forecasts separately too as a data only service.

Per Site

For our bespoke per site wind power forecasting we have partnered with MeteoGroup as a weather provider to allow us to provide highly competitive forecasting for any site across Europe. We will optimise any model to your desired lead time if requested, and build an optimised forecast utilising any accessible site metering data available.

Full service includes:
  • 14 Day half hourly forecasts
  • Optimised with power/weather metering data
  • Online measurement calibrated production forecasts
  • Longer mid-term forecast out to two months using probabilistic weather data as additional option
  • UK Technical support with a dedicated personal contact via telephone / e-mail.
  • Includes ongoing model revision and development updates
  • 99.9% system uptime
  • Custom data format
  • Delivered via FTP/SFTP and/or dashboard integration, .csv, e-mail

To receive a quote for this service, contact us for a price and to discuss receiving a free trial delivered via SFTP.