Here are some common questions that may cover queries as a potential client or prospective research partner. If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us by e-mail.

Do you welcome suggested improvements for your dashboard platforms?

Yes we do! We will take into consideration suggested improvements for both our PowerLite and PowerPlus platforms.

Will you build models for participants within European electricity systems?

Yes, we are happy to apply our expertise for analytics on electricity systems in Europe.

Can you show this data on your platform?

Please contact us to discuss the data you would like to see on our dashboard platform. If the data is publicly available it will be easier to utilise. If the data is commercial then usage agreements would need to be investigated. If you own a subset of data that you would be interested in sharing publicly via our platform and it is pertinent to the industry please get in touch.

Are you a registered supplier on any platforms?

Yes, we are a registered supplier on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB), and you can find us utilising the 2.1.10 Data Collection & Handling Services product code.

Are you interested in working collaboratively on publicly funded projects?

Yes, we have personally initiated projects utilising network innovation allowance funding to assist the industry in understanding and improving challenges faced by the changing energy network and are happy to explore jointly collaborative projects.

Do you have a preferred analytics programming language?

We like to use R for our developments. But we are versed in Python, C, .net, SQL and Oracle SQL.

Do you offer any training courses?

Yes, we can provide tailored courses for learning R for analytics and data handling for your business.

Do you have an API for your forecasts?

We are currently building an API for our forecast products. Currently they are available via download or secure FTP push/pull

Would you perform analytics for the Gas network?

Yes, we would consider developing analytical Gas models and plan to explore this further in the future as part of our dashboard suite.

Do you cover other sectors other than energy?

Yes, we will be happy to consider utilising our analytics expertise in the utility or transport and aviation sectors etc.