GB Electricity Market Forecasts

Amira Technologies produce market leading electricity demand and renewable generation forecasts for the GB power sector. Our forecasts are the result of years of experience and produced using dedicated in-house developed models. These models combine the best of the old and the new, benefiting from tried and tested forecasting methods whilst applying the latest in mathematical techniques and technologies. Our models are trained to the subtleties of the GB power market and are designed to evolve over time, using machine learning to respond to changing behaviours as they happen.

We offer expertise in electricity power forecasting:

Online Electricity Market Dashboards

Much more than simply a medium to display our forecasts, our market dashboard stands alone in presenting a clear and concise GB electricity market overview, pulling out the essential metrics needed to navigate the modern energy space. Our core dashboard product has two variants. The basic version, PowerLite is free to view; it displays the latest publicly available market data collected from the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) and National Grid. For energy businesses we offer a professional version known as PowerPlus which unlocks further features and includes our national forecasts as standard.

We offer four core GB forecast data products integrated in our dashboard:

National Demand
Transmission System Demand
Embedded Wind
Embedded PV

All forecasts are half hourly and available out to 18 months ahead. These forecasts are also stand-alone data products or as a package alongside our online electricity market dashboard. But, we know that every business works slightly differently so will make every effort to deliver data to you in the way that suits you best.

National Demand is equivalent to INDO as used by BMRS and National Grid
Transmission System Demand is equivalent to ITSDO as used by BMRS and National Grid

A PowerPlus subscription includes:

  • Full access to half hourly National Demand (INDO), Transmission System Demand (ITSDO) and embedded solar and wind generation forecasts out to 14 days ahead;
  • Full access to data downloads and supply via e-mail/FTP of forecasts;
  • Historic data downloads;
  • Immediate data failover architecture from independent systems;
  • Guaranteed 99.9% service uptime; and
  • Technical support with a dedicated personal contact via telephone / e-mail.
  • 5 secure logins for your organisation as standard;
  • Upgradable to include long term forecasts;

See for yourself by signing up for a free PowerPlus trial today.

Our forecasts are the result of years of experience and produced using dedicated in-house developed forecast models. These models combine the best of the old and the new, benefiting from tried and tested forecasting methods whilst applying the latest in mathematical techniques and technology. Our models are trained to the subtleties of the GB power market and are designed to evolve over time, learning and responding to changing behaviours as they happen. These forecasts can be purchased individually or as part of our dashboard suite. You can view our pricing here .

We take pride in our work and strive to be the best at what we do. Our models and systems are maintained to the highest technical standards; accuracy is monitored and models are developed and optimised through a continuous improvement framework. This ensures we maintain market leading performance.

Bespoke Forecasting

AMIRA Technologies was founded to provide cost effective consultancy and end to end business solutions for a range of energy industry participants. We believe in helping clients maximise the utility of the data they have available to them and offer our expertise in delivering advanced forecasting solutions via direct data feeds or advanced bespoke user interface platforms. Some of the key forecast areas you may wish to contact us on are:

Site Specific Renewables

We have experience in power forecasting site specific renewable generation. Our models make use of the latest weather forecast information and market data whilst applying modern machine learning techniques to get the best results. Whether you are involved in short or long term energy trading we can provide the insight you need to get that all important competitive advantage. We are confident in our ability and would be happy to work with you to provide power forecasts over a free trial period for any model we develop. Please contact us for more information in our capability to provide you a suitable renewable generation model; in areas such as wind, solar or hydro power.

Non Half Hourly Forecasting

We don't just specialise in settlement period forecasting. In addition to our core forecast products we have the capability of applying our electricity forecasting expertise to non half hourly metered data flows to develop an appropriate non half hourly metered forecast that best fits your requirements.

Dashboard Integration

Our dashboards are also a platform with which we can provide bespoke forecasts and visualisation. We can work with you to develop services and systems to meet your precise requirements. These models can be developed and delivered on our systems, accessed through a secure web portal, and supported to the highest service levels. This is a cost-effective method of delivery because we can develop and maintain the whole end to end process; reducing development timescales and avoiding unnecessary hardware and software costs.

These platforms have advanced user input/output capability that provide data with more than a simple static content provision. We also like to build intuitive user interfaces and displays that represent underlying complex modelling output in the clearest possible way. Our highest priorities in any bespoke forecasting project are accuracy and end user experience; so you can save expenditure by optimising and modernising current systems with us or meet new business challenges with our help.

Bespoke Enquiries

Contact us by e-mail if:


As power market analysts experienced in quantitative modelling and system development we have the depth of knowledge in energy market data to develop the appropriate business solutions to meet your operational challenges within the energy market. Our people have decades of experience working in the GB power market and for some of the most important companies. We have expertise in many aspects of the industry and will be able to assist you in areas such as:

  • Electricity network operations;
  • Future energy scenarios (FES);
  • Future distribution energy scenarios (DFES);
  • Electricity demand forecasting;
  • Renewable generation modelling;
  • Bid and Offer acceptance data;
  • REMIT and transparency data;
  • Balancing and settlement codes;
  • Reserve scarcity pricing;
  • Loss of load probability;
  • Power network modelling;
  • Wind cut-out modelling;
  • Constraints costs analytics;
  • Grid Supply Point (GSP) metering data;
  • The Balancing Mechanism;
  • Generation dispatch;
  • Power price forecasting;
  • NETA, electricity market and electricity settlements;
  • Renewable Obligations;
  • Innovation project collaborations and management;
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs); and
  • Elexon market data processing and handling;

In fact, if it’s about the electricity market we’ve probably come across it in some form. From modelling reserve scarcity pricing for BSC code panels to designing the demand forecast for LCCC, our strengths lie in our ability to develop solutions quickly and robustly by taking an agile approach. We know that the first iteration of a solution is rarely the optimal one, so we work in a flexible way, adapting and testing solutions until the optimal result is achieved. Through this approach we are able to ensure accuracy and reliability whilst a controlled project management framework will keep development within delivery timescales and budgets. Our costing is competitive, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Even if you have a requirement in an area that is not listed above, we will be happy to receive enquiries and provide an honest assessment on whether we can potentially offer a service.

Our Performance


Fed by validated data


Continuously monitored


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We take our forecasting seriously and ensure that we are always using the latest techniques as well as the highest quality data. Our short-term forecasts are updated every half hour so are always based off of the most recent information. Our working culture of continual improvement means we maintain market leading performance and provide the best forecasts for our clients.

Download our latest forecast performance report pdf here: Performance Report